What they're saying about us

THE CLARE PROJECT transgender support and social group, Brighton

Comments from people who have been to the Clare Project drop-in:

“I had never actually met another trans person, and had no idea what to expect. I just had a real need to feel normal in the gender that felt most natural to me, and perhaps find some support for living a female life. The idea of going to a group was scary: what do groups actually do? I wanted to understand how I could establish my female persona, and how other people handled the practical and social problems of learning a new life. The Clare Project has been a huge reassurance and a wonderful support as I find my way.”   A


“The group is welcoming and accepting and has a warm and friendly atmosphere.”


“The group has given me immense confidence to be happy and to do so in a safe environment Everyone is welcoming and friendly. The mix of people is wide and varied and is accepting of everyone. All in all a great group with a big heart.”


“The Clare Project has been a lifeline for me, a place where I am completely accepted for who I am, with my need to learn, and my mistakes. I can talk about anything that concerns me, without judgement. And because there are so many different people there, there is always someone who knows what I’m going through.”


“If I ever feel I don’t have a friend to talk to who will understand, I remember that people I have met through the Clare Project will always lend an ear, offer practical help, and be there for me. However my life turns out, I will not be alone.


“The Clare Project has made a big difference to my life over the last year and provides one of the most supportive, safe and inclusive environments I have encountered. Hearing about other people’s experiences and challenges has been a tremendous help in validating my own feelings and working out who I am. A big thank you.”


“The nature of transgenderism is especially prone to isolation and worry and just to meet with a friendly group such as ours can do much to calm and support those attending. The group is quite informal in nature and newcomers are welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and chat. The group has much to offer through members' experiences and information. A facilitator is in attendance plus a psychotherapist if required. Coming along to a Clare Project meeting was one of the first and best things I did on moving to Brighton.”


“I’ve met so many interesting people at the Clare Project – young and old – all with different stories to tell. It’s an informal set-up, easy to chat, and we help each other, sharing our experiences. I came to my first meeting as a man – the one and only time. Since then I’ve grown in confidence and now work and go out into the world as a woman. I am grateful to the Clare Project for opening the way to become the person I always wanted to be.”