Come to our monthly Clare Project Meet&Eat
to chat, exchange experiences,
and enjoy a meal and a drink...



  Dinner dates 2015 
 + new bursary scheme 

JOIN us for our next MEET&EAT meal out together on Tuesday, August 4 from 7.30pm. We'll be visiting the Camelford Arms, 30-31 Camelford Street, Brighton BN2 1TQ, one of our favourite venues. You can check out details of the venue here. 

Our monthly Meet&Eat nights are held at good-value, local places serving great food in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. You can join us on the day at our drop-in centre in Dorset Gardens, or meet us directly at the venue from 7.30pm. Newcomers are always welcome.

We are also pleased to announce that the Clare Project has received a bursary from Sussex Community Foundation to help finance and encourage members, particularly those on tight budgets, to be able to come to our monthly Meet&Eat nights. This would be the cost of the main meal up to £10.

Please contact Natasha Kay or another member of the Clare Project committee before the event if you think you would benefit from this offer. This scheme will hopefully run until mid-2016.

The easiest way to reserve a sponsored meal is to book it with Natasha directly at the drop-in at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens (off St James's Street).