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Our code of conduct, constitution and minutes of trustee meetings

Clare Project constitution

THE Clare Project 2016 annual general meeting was held at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church on Tuesday, March 22, at which the new constitution, agreed by the Charity Commissioners, was accepted.The Clare Project is now a charitable incorporated organisation and has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the registered charity number 1165746.

The constitution is laid out below:


Clare Project trustees committee minutes

The Clare Project publishes the minutes of its trustee meetings on this website. 

Clare Project trustees meeting (first meeting), April 27, 2016, 2.30pm

Present: Sam Hall, Robin Selmes, Kim Curran

Agenda: Drop-in development, Building board of trustees, Running the board.

Robin said a non-binary drop-in could be set up at Dorset Gardens, shaped by non-binary people and supported by Clare Project funding. This could meet on a different day from the present drop-in and be provided with the same facilities (meeting room, kitchen, foyer).

Kim said training should be available for trustees and committee members to ensure best practice. Sam said we should aim to establish a structure, intent and ethical approach at the highest level.

It was agreed that steps should be taken to explore establishing a second, non-binary group under the umbrella of the Clare Project. Sam will invite non-binary representatives to a meeting after the Trans Alliance AGM on Thursday May 5.

It was also agreed that training should be instituted to deepen knowledge for everyone responsible for running the Clare Project. Robin suggested a training day with a keynote speaker in the morning and a variety of workshops in the afternoon. Sam said this training should include the board of trustees. 

Sam said, in consultation with Kim, building the board of trustees should be a careful process, co-opting three more at this meeting, making a total of six. The six would then choose the further six for the full complement of 12. Robin said the first three should be from specified areas of expertise. Sam said six or more trustees should be trans-identified.

It was agreed trustees should have a treasurer, and include representation from Brighton and Hove council, the NHS, the wider LGBT network, Dorset Gardens and the Clare Project drop-in committee.

The committee agreed to invite Dr Kate Nambiar, from Clinic T, and Nicky Cambridge and David Humphreys, who have both been closely involved with trans issues at Brighton and Hove Council, to join the trustees.

On running the board, Robin said its purpose should be to resource and empower groups, oversee work, oversee financial aspects, organise fundraising, have stewardship of funds to ensure responsible spending, and create policies. Sam said there should be unified presentation of policies when they are agreed.

By the third or fourth meeting of trustees we will need to have reports on funding, progress, policies and structure.

Minutes of the meeting will be presented to the drop-in committee and subsequently published on the website. It was agreed that Sam would chair meetings and Kim will be secretary. The meeting ended at 4pm.

Kim Curran, Clare Project secretary