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THE CLARE PROJECT transgender support and social group, Brighton

Here's a summary of information received by the Clare Project

Substance abuse within the LGBTQ+ community

A guide on substance abuse within the LGBTQ+ community has been published by U.S. organisation  which provides information for people battling addiction and related conditions. Although the research, statistics and organisations referred to are American, you may find it useful. You can find it by by clicking here. 

Trans Survivors Switchboard

Trans Survivors Switchboard is a helpline for trans survivors of sexual violence, including survivors who are non-binary and questioning launched on July 24, 2016. We are a confidential service and can be accessed anonymously by phone, web chat or email. The service is staffed by trans volunteers and is jointly run by Survivors Network and LGBT Switchboard. This is the first service of its kind in the UK to offer specialist support for trans survivors.

Check out or their facebook page at

News from Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

The Lancet Journal, for the first time, has published a series of articles on transgender health, to which Terry Reed of GIRES has contributed as a co-author:

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has given its Education Award 2016 to GIRES.

GIC Report

The Care Quality Commission has published the report of its inspection of the London Gender Identity Clinic:

GP Guidance

The General Medical Council has just published "Guidance for doctors treating transgender patients". The Guidance fully respects the entitlements of non-binary people. It provides guidance for GPs on prescribing and monitoring, which includes the provision of bridging prescriptions for patients who are already self-medicating. It explains that the appropriate medicines include some that are not licensed for use in treating gender dysphoria. The guidance may be viewed at:


Self-harm research

Self injury Support is a national charity offering support, information and training about self harm. They have noticed that there is very little information available on this topic for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. To develop some information about this they would like to gather the views of as many people with personal experience as possible. If you would like to give your views you can take part in an online survey. This can be done anonymously and the information is confidential. The survey can be completed at: Self injury Support's website is at

Domestic Violence Research

Broken Rainbow UK a national LGBT domestic violence helpline is currently working on a project called Bleeding Love (website:  They are keen to engage with trans women to gain a better understanding of their perception and / or experiences, to find out more about specific barriers in relation to coping with intimate partnership violence (IPV), particularly when it comes to engaging with support services. Interviews are completely confidential, no personal information is collected or recording of the session made. If needed and required, immediate support will be offered following the interviews and a £15 voucher will be given out to participants. If you would like to support this project contact direct:   


Support for partners

Distinction is an organisation which aims to help couples through transition. Their literature for the Distinction Partners Group states "Supporting partners of transitioning people is essential, because we are often entirely forgotten about (or deliberately excluded)... Having been through it, we know that, as your partner changes, so do you... We are supporting partners who are here to support partners."

They run three groups, primarily secret Facebook groups, supporting people whose partners are transitioning, supporting people who are transitioning within a relationship, and supporting couples. You can find out more at,, and at


Deed of name change

If you are looking to formalise your name change, printed below is a sample template of the easiest and quickest form this can take. 

However, some record holders only accept a new name that uses official forms. If you wish to go down this route, check out the government's advisory website here for more information. 

To avoid the pitfalls of unecessary expense if you are changing your name by deed poll, read this helpful guide published in The Guardian, by clicking here. It includes details of a free site called

Magazine article on transgender victims

Matthew Barbour, contributing editor for Closer Magazine is looking for a transgender victim of an attack to speak out about the rise in attacks on transgender people. Or it could be someone who has tried to commit suicide or has been disowned by their family. This needs to be someone between the ages of 18 and 30 (ish), there would be full copy control and a good fee. Matt can be contacted on 07759 547051 or email: We have been asked to post this request but please think carefully before putting yourself forward to take part in any press or media project.