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*THE Clare Project is starting an innovative new series of workshops in collaboration with Mind Out, and with the support of Brighton Council, concentrating on well being and good mental health. 

The first 10-week peer-facilitated course is on Living Well as a Trans Man/Transmasculine Person in Brighton and Hove and focuses on mental health and wellbeing strategies for transmasculine people. 

If you would like to join the course, come along on Tuesdays from 5.30-6.30pm to Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, Brighton (off St James's Street). The course lasts from May 5-July 7 and it's never too late to get involved. This is a great chance to share experience and discover ways to live your life to the full.

*A SERIES of useful factsheets on trans-related topics have just been published. Subjects include trans children, teens and their parents, accessing adult gender servicesmental health and wellbeing, sexual health and meeting the challenges of ageing
Click on any of the above topics to find out more.

Produced by the National LGB&T Partnership, cliniQ, Mermaids and TransForum Manchester with support from Public Health England, the factsheets provide straightforward, well-researched information and guidance for trans people and their families.  For a complete list of topics and links to them, click here.

have new infor
mation a
knowing your rights as a trans*
person (just press the link here) and expanded contacts information about FTM support groups (press here). 

*DON'T forget to check out our two new
Billboard sections where we pass on recent information sent to us from other organisations. You can find Billboard notices of local interest here, and wider interest here.

WE have advice about what to do if you, or a friend, is a victim of a transphobic hate crime – and some useful tips how to stay safe if you're out on the town late at night. Just click here to investigate...

*TRANS Pride 2015 will take place over the weekend of July 24-26, with a film night on Friday, park event on Saturday with stalls, speakers and live entertainment, followed by a dance party, and a Sunday picnic. Check out their website here and our news section hereLast year's event proved a great success in and many people attended our Clare Project stall at the community fair in New Steine Gardens to chat and pick up information about our activities. We
 also met a lot of new people at our stall at Pride in Preston Park on Saturday, August 2. 

*BRIGHTON Trans*formed is a remarkable new book featuring the lives and thoughts of a wide range of trans people. Developed over more than 18 months, the project involved in-depth interviews and tells the fascinating stories of trans people, many of them members of the Clare Project, in their own words. This is an authoritative, ground-breaking work, sensitively edited and brilliantly designed. You can find out more and order your copy from QueenSpark Books by going to their website here.

THE Clare Project's chair is Dr Sam Hall. Taking up the position in June 2014, Sam said: "I am proud to have been chosen to represent the Clare Project. It has a vital role to play, not only providing a place where the trans community can come together but also as a voice representing that community in the wider world."

Sam took over from Steph Scott who was chair for eight years. The Clare Project committee acknowledged Steph's tireless work to make the Clare Project a respected organisation committed to improving the lives of transgender people in Brighton and beyond.

*THE community memorial service for the International Transgender Day of Remembrance was held at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Brighton, on Sunday, November 23, 2014. It commemorated trans* people who have died or suffered violence because of hatred towards their gender identity or gender expression. Check out this link for a video report from ITV.

*WEEKLY trans swimming sessions are at St Luke's swimming pool, St Luke's Terrace, Brighton BN2 9ZE. They take place each Friday from 8.0pm-9.15pm. Cost per session is £4.30 (concessions £2.55). There is no pressure on first-timers to swim. You can check out the facilities, ask questions and take a dip if you'd like to. All staff have trans* awareness training. Here's how to get there.

DO you, or someone you know, have severe housing problems and are sleeping rough? 
our News section
 to find out how to get help from Brighton council. 

THE CLARE PROJECT is a self supporting group based in Brighton and Hove open to anyone wishing to explore issues around gender identity.

Our main activity is our weekly DROP-IN every Tuesday, which aims to provide a safe and confidential place for people to meet with others who share their life experiences, and find information, support and companionship. A facilitator and a psychotherapist are at the drop-in each Tuesday.

Whilst the group is mainly attended by transgender, transsexual and gender dysphoric people, we aim to be all-inclusive as we recognise the complexities surrounding the issue of gender identity. We have no religious affiliation.

It's best if you can contact us directly at the Tuesday afternoon drop-in. Here's the address:
Dorset Gardens Methodist Church
Dorset Gardens
(off St James's Street)

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The Clare Project
c/o Community Base
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